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Lake Highlands family-owned studio YAM Yoga shares positivity and resilience

By Rebecca Heliot |

According to owner Jennifer Johnson, local art pieces adorn the walls of YAM Yoga studio in Lake Highlands in a purposeful sequence. YAM stands for yoga, art, and music.

The space serves primarily as a yoga studio. Still, when Johnson and her late husband, Trey, a prominent local musician and founder of the band Sorta, opened YAM Yoga in 2019, they did it with the same intention she designed the art gallery with a lightheartedness that illuminates the studio’s optimism, Johnson said.

“It was on our anniversary, on Valentine’s Day in 2018. … We had talked about it at dinner, and we literally said, ‘Oh, YAM, that would be a funny name,’” Johnson said. “My husband and I [wanted] to elevate the culture around Lake Highlands and give exposure to local artists and musicians.”

Jen JohnsonYAM represents Johnson’s dedication to yoga, her late husband’s passion for music, and their shared love for art, which tied them together. Each element of the yam-colored heart carrying the studio’s logo represents their family, including her, Trey, their son and daughter, and their family dog. “It all just kind of came together,” Johnson said. “We wanted to start a family business. We wanted to combine all three [concepts], and we wanted to help elevate the [shopping center].”

Johnson attributes the success of her yoga studio to the love of her teachers’ practice. They teach students from various demographics, including 20-year-olds up to 60-year-olds, both male and female.

“It’s the vibe that builds the [yoga] community, and you can’t do that without amazing teachers,” Johnson said.

Johnson said local bands used to perform intimate shows for an audience settled on the studio floor, wrapped up in blankets. She said this year; she hopes to add more similar live music shows, such as the ones those bands and her late husband used to play.

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