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When the brain is relaxed, learning, strategic thinking and new ideas happen.​

reduces absenteeism

Good health means less time away from work, and better engagement when there!


When you feel good you work well and are more likely to radiate positivity.


Community at work helps people connect with each other and communicate better.​

Services Available

Personalized to what your team needs, and allows them to see each other and chat for 10 minutes before and after class!  Power flow, deep stretch, beginner or meditation classes, as well as pre-meeting and boardroom meditation are available.
YAM CAM Unlimited is a virtual platform bringing you a wide variety of yoga classes from beginners, posture breakdowns, power flow and deep stretch. We also offer mini meditation clips, live music and full 30 minute meditation practices. You’ll have unlimited access and our library is always growing. Allow your employees to access classes whenever they want from the comfort of their home.

Looking for a little more nourishment? You’re invited to spend time in soothing restorative poses with one of our gentle instructors. After class expect to feel blissed out and restored for the rest of your day. 

Meditation at 10:30, meeting at 11. Start your boardroom meeting off with the right intention. Practicing meditation prior to board meetings is proven to facilitate great brainstorming and collaboration. Plus you get the added benefits of feeling peaceful and calm.

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. This is a great approach for teaching your staff or classroom ways to break up the mental fatigue throughout the day!

Group classes for seniors’ centers, homes and facilities as well as private sessions in the home. These classes are a great way to stay social, meet new people and to promote getting back in touch with yourself. Our patient instructors are well trained and specialized in seniors to offer a variety of poses and stretches based on the student’s needs. Research shows that adults 55 + who regularly practice yoga have improved memory, balance and focus as well as better strength and flexibility. 

Slower Flow classes are led with breath-based movements, but have a more restorative approach and are excellent for beginners. Whether you are an athlete needing a deep stretch, or just want to open up and oxygenate your muscles and ligaments from daily wear and tear, you will benefit from this gentler class. Additional perks include deep relaxation and calming of the nervous system.

Power Flow classes are meant to be athletic, and taught so that all levels can experience a great class. Cardio, strength, balance, and mindfulness are all emphasized while building flexibility. Teachers provide easy to follow verbal cues and modifications, so students don’t feel lost, while also providing options to intensify, allowing each student to find their edge. The whole body is cared for as the teachers touch on each muscle group.

Spending too much time contracting and strengthening your muscles but not enough time lengthening and stretching? Improving flexibility can smooth out your golf swing, increase your vertical jump, create more reach through you backhand and increase your recovery time. In addition, yoga is proven to prevent injuries for athletes.

All the goodness of yoga specially tailored  for kids of all different age groups from a team that specializes in children.

Need to slow down and refocus your day? Mindfulness classes can help re-center focus for groups, repurpose personal goals and connect back to yourself. Imagine tuning in to yourself, to tune out the distractions. Flexing your mental muscle! 

Meditation is the ultimate practice of stillness. Whether you’re new to meditation or been practicing for years you’d benefit from one of our instructors leading you through a mental massage of meditation leaving you feeling refreshed and centered. 

Slow and steady, deep breath-based movements will allow you to gently ease into a physical exercise and stretch. Fluid like poses ensuring your body is in intentional constant movement. 

Rooted in the traditional therapeutic work of Joseph Pilates, the flowing exercises in this mat based class emphasizes focus on building core strength and stability, while improving balance and flexibility throughout the entire body.  

This full-body workout uses a series of ballet-inspired exercises at high repetitions to achieve that sought after “burn” and create a beautifully sculpted dancer’s body.  Can be performed with or without a barre.

Looking to supercharge your healing? Also known as energy work, Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing and balances the recipient’s disturbances in their body’s bio-energy field. A simple method for all, Reiki works alongside other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. 

Looking to add a little groove to your next birthday party, staff social, corporate happy hour or bachelorette party? We’ve got you covered with a large variety of musicians we can find just the sound you’re looking for.


Here are a few studies we recommend reading related to the benefits of bringing wellness and culture to the workplace:


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YAM partners with high quality local teachers and businesses to enhance wellness and company culture programs. 

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