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Alyce Glacer Levy

Modern Slice.

Alyce Glacer Levy
Alyce Glacer Levy

Alyce Levy is a graphic designer, and creator of her line, Modern Slice. Modern Slice art pieces have a mid-century soul. They begin with a single piece of perfectly imperfect wood with rings and whorls that tell us a story of time and life, visual representations of who an individual is in strong, decisive lines and colors working together with a message to send, a song to sing, an all-day-long smile in the heart, and as unique as every living creature or thought on this planet

Literally EVERYTHING and everyone inspires me! I walk through this world looking at what is in front of me with an extra added dimension of sparkle and color around it. I am known for embellishing nature’s cast offs-stumps, wood slices, antlers and skulls found in Telluride with bright swoops of color and clusters of crystals and gemstones.

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Reclaimed Teak
20″ x 19″
Precise oil painted lines play off the graceful reclaimed teak. Consider this piece standing up or laying down as a centerpiece.

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