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Christopher Joseph

Bob Marley


Bob Marley In Full Color
30″ x 40″
Hand embellished Giclee canvas reproduction.



Christopher Joseph Gonzalez, born in 1981 raised in Texas with Hispanic influence, grew up very open to culture and at a young age developed a passion for art. Since he was young, he began developing an eye for color and with years of practice he has developed a unique style using “Pop” mixed with a new found love of “Spontaneous Realism”. This style derives from his favorite artist, love for culture, and passion for music. Indulging himself in the history of great artist he found several he would admire and their styles; Andy Warhol for his iconic genius, Van Gough for his use of color and brush stroke, and Jackson Pollock for his daring vision. In his work you’ll see him express extreme passion using vibrant colors to transfer a sense of emotion to the viewer. In his paintings he likes to portray excitement, loud noise, and controlled chaos to enhance your appreciation and immersing yourself in his paintings. In a simple way he explains “I listen to music when I paint because it energizes me. The music moves me to paint how I feel, yet I control my brush with experience like a dancer does with their body.” Artist Statement We know colors can change your subconscious mood and elude you to think and feel whatever consciously is going on. Therefore I choose to paint only what the world and my imagination can provide in suspension yet with moving colors.

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