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Mary Grace Eubank

Internationally recognized award-winning graphic designer and children’s book illustrator.

I am excitingly traveling into more creative discovery and ambitious redirection. As a retired illustrator of children’s games and literature, I want my art to continue to tell imaginative stories — this time I need to express more than the adventures of whimsical, goofy critters in serendipitous situations. I want my subjects to reflect a dramatic, soulful narrative symbolic enough for individual interpretation, but subtle enough to unleash personal perspectives, opinions, and recollections.

My paintings show an insight shaped by a lifetime of memories and experiences written in a language varying in mood, atmosphere, and circumstances. I want to investigate and expose the diversities of the human spirit designated by the beauty and emotion that surrounds me. I hope to evolve into a painter that is on a poetic path to a synergy of scenic exploration and distinct color amalgamation with a strong design aesthetic, compositional freedom and emotional connection. At my age, the only restriction is time. I find it impossible to retire that rewarding sense of artistic invention. I am blessed to celebrate with JOY every day.

24″ x 36″ oil

Inspired by my treasured connection with my amazing, remarkable daughter.

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