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Mikki Mallow


The work of Mikki Mallow, Dallas-based artist and designer can be described as abstract and figurative with a focus on color, form and the emotions they evoke. Mallow’s artistic work has been featured locally, nationally and digitally. She has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows including: Sugar Fix, I See Dead People, One Track Mind, Your Element, D Art Slam, and Games.People.Play.

Mallow’s background and studies in design are always shaping the content of her artwork. She incorporates a variety of elements to create unique and memorable pop style installations encompassing a full sensory art experience.

Her inspirations include light, movement, water, color, film, print, photography, architecture & design, music, glass, candy, travel, family and friends, contemporary art in all forms and mediums, and artists such as Chihuly, LaChapelle, Ann Hamilton, Chuck Close, and Lichtenstein.

Mikki Mallow


Please contact the studio to view or purchase art.

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