Our family has been enjoying museums and art galleries together for 30 years and couldn’t be more excited about the “A” in YAM. Our Art Gallery is inside the yoga studio, allowing yoga students to enjoy beautiful local art while practicing yoga
– Jen Johnson

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Taylor Daum

My name is Taylor, and I am a local Dallas artist. I grew up in Dallas but spent the last ten years in Denver, CO. While in Colorado, nature became my artistic muse and my emotional refuge. I would often head to the foothills of Evergreen, car packed with art supplies, unsure if I would hike, meditate, or paint. The smell of the earth, the beautiful wildflowers, and the light that sparkled on the cool rushing rivers inspired me spiritually and artistically. I noticed patterns in nature but also found permission to let go and to paint what I feel.

I have developed two core styles: a meditative practice of laying down patterns of dots of paint and a flowing organic style that is my own interpretation of nature. My process always begins the same way: I meditate, pray to the universe to use me for the greatest good, and then lay down the word “love” to create my initial guiding lines. The canvas tells me where it wants to go, and when I am really in the flow, the decisions I make about color and composition are subconscious…almost like I am channeling something from the ether.

I have been back in Dallas for a year now, and there is something special about the ambitious energy and warm people I have met. I am inspired in a whole new way! I recently founded a pop-up show called Dallas Artists Unite, where I exhibited the works of 11 magical Dallas artists, and I have a new goal outside the canvas to help connect Dallas artists with the public. 

Amy Voss

Amy grew up in Houston, TX, and graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. After graduating college, Amy worked in the music business as the Southwest Promotions Director for Lyric Street Records. Following the music business, she was an Affiliate Relations Director for ESPN Radio, and then ABC Television network. After leaving her 10-year corporate career to take on the challenges of motherhood, Amy found a passion in working with glass, allowing her to channel her love of music and sports in art form. Amy began focusing her efforts on a particular canvas: the body of an acoustic guitar. The guitar became a natural fit for her bold and edgy work.

A self-taught artist, Amy’s signature style of creating one-of-a-kind glass sculptures using acoustic guitars as her canvas led her to launch Glass Axes in 2009. Her guitar sculptures hang on the walls of hotels, restaurants, private homes, and offices belonging to several renowned folks in the music industry, sports executives, and musical artists.

Through the years, Amy’s creative process has evolved, but some things remain the same. Her process starts by prepping the acoustic guitar – stripping it of the strings and bridge and sanding it down to prepare the surface for glass and glue. The glass cutting starts with sheets of glass that she hand cuts into pieces to resemble whatever shape is needed for the design she creates. Each piece is glued by hand to the guitar, the edges are smoothed with a Dremel, and the glass is grouted. A paintbrush is used to grout the glass, ensuring no missed space. Her grout colors tend to mimic the color of the glass used in the design, this way, the focus is on the glass and not the grout. After drying, the residual grout is cleaned off the surface of the glass with a lint-free cloth and toothpick. The edges of the grout lines that outline the guitar are reinforced with resin, and finally, the whole sculpture is ready to hang. The process takes about two weeks, depending on the design’s detail and how many grout colors are used for finishing. The design of each guitar fills the body and the fret and wraps around the sides. She does not glass the back of the guitar, much like a painter doesn’t paint the back of a canvas.

Amy lives in Dallas, TX, with her husband and son. Amy grew up an athlete, so when she’s not
in her studio, she can be found on a tennis court or golf course feeding her passion for

Todd Smith

If this wood could talk…the stories it would tell. I’ve been working with natural and found wood since I was a teenager. Each piece of wood “speaks” to me and as I design with it, its’ “story” reveals itself and takes me to a place in my imagination where anything is possible and where life is amazing and beautiful.

Karen Vanderpool-Haerle

Karen Vanderpool-Haerle is both classically and self trained in art, illustration and immersive art. She is focused on creating and displaying traditional and immersive art in the mixed reality space, the space between the real world and the virtual world. She is producing artwork intended to introduce Extended Reality (XR) to the general public as an art form. Karen is initially attracted to a scene for its geometric relationships, rhythm or by a striking color contrast or harmony. The interaction of color and composition evolves to describe the world through her eyes. She has created art for traditional and immersive spaces and is committed to exploring the convergence of the digital and physical worlds. She especially enjoys exploring topics dealing with ecology and the environment.

Her primary traditional mediums are pastel, acrylic and oil. She works with layers of color to create images with depth and interest involving geometric relationships and striking color contrasts and harmonies. Her virtual reality and augmented reality art is created in Tiltbrush, Openbrush, Gravity Sketch as well as other virtual reality painting and sculpting programs

When not hanging out in Dallas with her family and great pyrenees mix, she enjoys hiking, kayaking and most other outdoor activities. Karen is especially fond of the beach, the New Mexico landscape and Vinalhaven, Maine.

Karen’s education consists of an MA in Biomedical Communication/Medical Illustration from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and a BA from Austin College.

Juan J Hernandez

Juan J. Hernandez is a Dallas, TX -based artist whose painting imagery reflects a range of concepts from environmental and social concerns to interpretations of historical cultural diversity, both primitive and contemporary. His works have been exhibited throughout the United States and in private collections. Mr. Hernandez received his BFA degree from Southern Methodist University.

Emily Herrera

Emily Herrera is a local lake Highlands resident that specializes in acrylic abstract art. She graduated from UNT with a BFA in interior Design. She has always had a passion for design that lead her to begin painting. Emily also loves working with individuals to create custom commissions. You can find more examples of her work at the following places.

Marquette Latshaw

Marquette has spent most of her 17- year career as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and high school coach. She loves to balance her high intensity work with the calmness of cooking, baking and creating art.
Her passion is for joy and color. Marquette truly believes that God gave her this enthusiasm and talent to bring happiness to others. She is incredible interested in symbolism and the many ways that nature, especially butterflies and ocean waves, can represent life.

She is deeply inspired by the butterfly. Butterflies represent new life, because the caterpillar almost dies in the process of earning its wings. The Bible uses waves, ocean, and other imagery from nature to explain many aspects of life.

She wishes you good vibes and the peace of God that transcends understanding!

Guinn Powell

My art reveals an opportunity to explore life in a picturesque east Texas rural community through the eyes of my ancestors. A journey that offers a glimpse into my creative process and hopefully inspires the viewer’s unique interpretation. My focus is on the multi-layered nature of art, aiming to depict the complications of Afro-American life through a combination of color, texture, and symbolism.

Tanner Lawley

Contemporary artist Tanner Lawley paints from a place of love, abundance, and his compassion for others. Tanner grew up in a small town outside of Dallas, Texas, and spent much of his childhood working for his father’s paint contracting business. After graduating with a BBA from Freed-Hardeman University in May of 1999, Tanner experienced many emotional, physical, and spiritual hardships while trying to find his path in life. It was a result of this challenging time in his life that Tanner began creating his art in 2001. In 2006,

Tanner Lawley started managing Reflection Fine Art gallery for local Dallas artist JD Miller. It was here that Tanner began learning his craft. He began to passionately study contemporary artists and masters from all over the world. Since August of 2008, Tanner has created thousands of original paintings found in corporate and private collections all over the world.

In 2010, he was named one of the Top 50 artists to watch by Art Business News. As a performance painter, he is best known for painting his famous sculpted hearts. In 2014, he was even awarded Art Expo New York’s Best New Exhibitor award. His lifetime goal is to paint more Love than any other artist in history.

Elle lewis

Elle Lewis is the creator of Beaushelle – a collective of her mixed media paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and experiential art offerings. Breath worth, movement, and self care are all part of her personal practice. As a yogi, Elle is passionate about tapping into creative flow and meeting divine creativity within herself. This process is an experience she teaches her clients – many without an artistic background – in her home studio.

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