Christy M. Price


Becoming spherical thru the magic of measure and technique

Background & Influence

Certified Yoga and Katonah Yoga® Teacher

Christy found yoga after completing her 4 years as a Division I college athlete. She wanted something totally different to support her mind and body. Thru the years, yoga has stuck with her — supporting the ebbs and flows of life. It is the thing she keeps going back to.  She has been working with bodies for almost 20 years (teaching yoga since 2011) — studying a myriad of movement and healing techniques. When she found Katonah Yoga®  10 years ago it inspired her to teach more. Thru understanding and practicing this material it has brought so much change to her health, her mind, and her physiology. She continues to study this evolving material. Christy also has her Masters in Nutrition and Applied Physiology from Columbia University, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a Certified Yoga and Katonah Yoga® Teacher. And, she has recently completed over 2.5 years of herbal studies. You can usually find her in her backyard garden and studio (ALULA COLLECTIVE) teaching, making, or creating small batch plant things.


Christy truly believes in the power of the body and creates an empowering class with holistic tools to live more comfortably and confidently in the body. In class, we will practice together in a community, facing each other, because connecting with people gives us a little more information, a different frame of reference, and a greater understanding and enhancement of ourselves as a whole. Life is not a journey meant to be undertaken alone, and the more tools we have, the more equipped we are to deal with what life throws our way.