Gina Richmond


Background & Influence

Gina grew up with a background in dance, taking ballet for over 5 years before attempting all the sports in high school, quickly discovering they weren’t for her,  and joining the drill team. Her love of dance led to her certification as a Jazzercise instructor in 2010, and she still teaches at Jazzercise Lake Highlands.
She discovered yoga in her 20’s at the local YMCA, and noticed that it gave her a peaceful feeling that dancing and sports never could. She attended yoga classes off and on over the next many years, but definitely more “off” after she became a mother of two. Fast forward to the post pandemic days of the summer of 2021 when she stepped foot into the doors at Y.A.M. and felt like it was Exactly the remedy she needed for the dumpster fire that was her current life situation. There she met Jessica Jordan, which led to her first real education in yoga that extended beyond the physical postures. She got her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification in May of 2023 through Super Yoga Palace and baby stepped her way into the instructor YAMily, all of whom she counts as mentors, subbing whenever possible and taking as many classes and workshops as she possibly could.
Off the mat, she works as a dental hygienist in a biological practice here in East Dallas, with plans to become a myofunctional therapist. Movement and community have kept her quasi sane as she fights the good fight in parenting her little loves, Betty and Levi.