Jade Johnson

Jade Johnson Yoga Instructor


mindful movement combined with lots of love, a few laughs and good tunes

Background & Influence

RYT 200-Certified Yoga Instructor

In her twenties and most of her thirties, Jade was a fair-weather yoga student. After a significant life change right before her 40th birthday, she turned to yoga for healing and discovered a deep desire to engage with more focus and determination. Grasping for something to soothe her soul and tend to her heart, she attended Super Yoga Palace for her 200-hour Yoga teacher certification in 2019. This uncovered a deep desire to share the yoga practice and the knowledge that even in dark times, we can find the space for clarity, comfort, and confidence on our mat and in this community.

You’ll probably hear Jade talk about her old lady cat Pixie, the songs she sings to her every morning, and that she’s always looking for good book recs!