Julie Wright

Julie Wright


Basic poses woven into a powerful flow with sprinklings of thoughtful intention. We will have fun.

Background & Influence

“We’re all just walking each other home.” ~ Ram Dass

Julie teaches from ancient wisdom and weaves these messages into the practice that applies to daily life.  She walks solid in her truth and guides students to use their practice to connect with their true Self, to embrace their authenticity, and to walk this path, making their unique footprints along the way.  She is often unapologetically bold in her offerings but keeps it fun – as it is practice, not perfect.

Julie has studied under many of the great yoga masters.  She continues her training and certifications with Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Manorama.

The yoga practice and dedication through the dark times and the joyous ones have saved Julie’s life.  She still walks this earth for a reason, and she believes with all her heart it is to share this beautiful practice and carry the message of these precious teachings.