Nikole Swize

Nikole Swize


Nourishing “Woo Woo” Auntie focusing on nourishing the body and the soul.

Background & Influence

Certified Yoga Instructor

Nikole has been in education for over 20 years, teaching kindergarten, elementary art, and upper school wellness classes. She began her yoga journey around 2012 and eventually opened an aerial yoga studio for kids and adults. She is a light and energy worker and sound healer. Nikole enjoys nurturing and pampering others and creating a spa-like feeling during her classes. She intends to make her students comfortable so that meditation and relaxation are easier and less intimidating. Always curious about the metaphysical, Nikole often incorporates new sound healing instruments, learns about a new crystal, studies Human Design, experiments with essential oil blends, reads Tarot, and practices tea bowl ceremonies. She “stops for sunsets” and is inspired by the beauty and art around us.