YAM Nuggets | January 2019

The Lakeridge Redevelopment is coming together! Check out these big updates as we get closer to opening.

Open Date and Lakeridge Redevelopment

We are working on the build-out and are counting on getting doors open before March! This open date does rely upon the city and the redevelopment progress (plumbing and parking). Although the Center certainly doesn’t look great yet… it is already popping! Congratulations to RM 12:20 Bistro, our neighbor and delicious French restaurant who is getting rave reviews, it is always buzzing with people and has added a super hip vibe to our new Lakeridge Village home.

YAM Pop Up Events

Community Outreach Continues

We have been providing outreach classes to the local schools and fire department, we love making these new friends and helping add to this beautiful community. We had our first pop-up with our local wine expert, Thierry at Le Caveau Vinotheque, and have our eye on a couple more local pop-ups before we open. We will also be partnering with CrossFit Lake Highlands to provide a free yoga class February 6 at 4pm.



State Fair Records
@state_fair_records on Instagram

Art & Music

We are starting to identify our local artists to be shown in our studio and will likely have our first BYOB music event when the center is looking solid and more tenants are in (Taco Joint, Vector Brewing). That said, you can support local music now, go see a show! And be sure to follow our family member State Fair Records on instagram, they have a ton of amazing talent.


Meditation & Space RentalMeditation & Space Rental

We have solidified our family’s Transcendental Meditation Teacher, Linda Lasseter, to teach out of our space a few times per year once we get settled, we will get a date on the calendar for our first session soon. In addition, we plan on having other mindfulness  classes, as well as a runners workshop, and other positive events provided by, and to benefit, our community.

Lastly, we have selected a 98 inch 4K TV screen for the studio, this will allow our neighbors to use the space for watching parties, business meetings and other fun events.


YAM TeachersMeet Our Teachers

If you haven’t already, check out our website to see our Yoga Class Schedule and read about our Amazing Teachers.

Questions, ideas, and comments?

Please reach out anytime to and we will make sure we get back in touch.




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