YAM Nuggets | May

Thank you all for visiting us our first week open, we met so many cool people and look forward to growing with the community.

Mother's Day


We have gift certificates for classes, memberships, and amazing art exhibiting that is for sale. It could also be cool to have some special time with Mom this weekend – take a yoga class and walk over to one of these four wonderful neighborhood restaurants:


Whether you are a beginner or seasoned yogi, any of our 27 classes per week will get you what you need. If you want to ease into it, we suggest a slower flow class to start.

Tight schedule? Our classes start as early as 5:30 am and as late as 8 pm – we got you! Sign up with MindBody, ClassPass, StudioHop or just walk in!

Please visit to get more information on our classes, teachers, and schedule.

YAM Art Gallery


We are currently exhibiting six artists, some are internationally known, but all are locally sourced out of our sweet city of Dallas, Texas 😊


Now Showing at YAM
Music at YAM\
We are going to wait until the Lakeridge Village parking lot looks better and we have a few more tenants before launching our first music event, but stay tuned!

We will plan to have a party once things are happening around the center.

p.s. We can’t wait for The Taco Joint to open!


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