Yoga Studio

All levels. All the time. For real. For everyone.
Our studio strives to be a calm space with uplifting teachers and a down-to-earth vibe.


YAM Power Flow classes are meant to be athletic and taught so that all levels can experience a great class. Cardio, strength, balance, and mindfulness are all emphasized while building flexibility. Teachers provide easy to follow verbal cues and modifications, so students don’t feel lost, while also providing options to intensify, allowing each student to find their edge. The whole body is cared for as the teachers touch on each muscle group. The studio is warmed to approximately 80 degrees.


Ashtanga Yoga is a form of vinyasa flow that follows a set sequence of postures synced with a specific breath count. This powerful sequence and use of breath helps to quiet the mind while the body builds heat! We will start with traditional sun salutations and move through a set sequence of standing postures. After standing, we move to seated postures consisting of forward folds, twists, and hip openers. The closing sequence contains a set of backbends, inversions meant to calm the nervous system, and deep breathing in lotus. While Ashtanga can be intimidating, this class is perfect for those wanting to learn and/or be challenged! It is a powerful practice you can make your own with modifications and easily see progress as your poses change over time.


A Class for All Levels which includes elements of intuitive luxurious flowing movement, Alignment Based Deep Stretch, Yin Yoga, and Restorative Yoga. Slow down and turn inward. Class is often focused/themed as we dive deep into releasing deep tension in the body and mind with props and breathwork. This class is a great way to improve flexibility, gain body awareness, reduce stress, improve concentration, relax and improve sleep.

gentle stretch

Gentle Yoga is accessible to those who are looking for a soft, nurturing, slow-paced, well supported, relaxing practice. Class is great for all levels including beginners or anyone looking for therapeutic benefits of yoga. While the intensity may be lower, the focus and commitment are high. Gentle yoga classes move at a steady pace, slowly cycling though a series of floor based or seated asanas weaving intentional and mindful breathing practices. Though you can expect a few standing poses, you’ll spend the majority of class on your mat. 

Meditation / yoga nidra / soundbath

Meditation/Yoga Nidra: Take a nourishing and calming hour to reconnect your mind. body and soul. This gentle stretch class ends with an extended meditation experience known as Yoga Nidra. Also known as NSDR, non-sleep deep rest, Yoga Nidra has been shown to replenish stores of dopamine as well as improve sleep and relive anxiety. 

Sound Bath: Reset the nervous system with a soft and soothing sound bath consisting of sound bowls and sounds of nature. 

Receive & restore

Relax and recharge with this restorative yoga and energy work class. While utilizing your breath, receive essential oils, crystals and light touch through 5 to 6 prop supported poses. Energy work (Reiki/Channeled Light Healing) and healing instrument vibrations are woven throughout class. Class ends with a short sound bath using a full chakra set of crystal alchemy singing bowls. Make self care a priority at the tail end of the week with this nourishing wind down evening class. Bring your woo to meet our woo.

Yoga pilates fusion

A fluid and contemporary mat practice that draws on integrating the methodology of yoga with pilates, barre and other movement patterns. This 45 minute practice is developed to foster core, spinal and pelvic stability. Build functional strength, improve posture, increase flexibility with deeply mindful movement and breath work that is sustainable. Designed for all levels to nurture an improved quality of life.

stretch & Roll

Let’s roll! This is a class for everyone, designed to help release tension, increase mobility, and encourage healthy muscle and tissue functionality. We’ll use balls of various sizes and textures, blocks, and other tools (all provided) to support, massage, and stretch different areas of the body. Each class will focus on a specific area as we gain body awareness, release tension, and find more ease in movement. Great for muscle recovery, too.

katonah yoga

Katonah Yoga® is a syncretic Hatha yoga practice developed by Nevine Michaan over 40 years. She and her teachers incorporate classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor, and imagination — in a practical framework designed to potentiate personal and communal well-being. Framing the practice, maps of time and personal space are defined and refined. Themes using asana as origami, manipulating form for function, and developing a sense of personal measure are incorporated into Katonah Yoga practices.


Need more one-on-one or small group class? YAM offers private session for individuals and groups. Our teachers can customize a class based on your needs. These classes can be anything from walking you through the basics to a fun way to celebrate a Bachelorette Party! Please reach out to for more information.