Yoga Studio

All levels. All the time. For real. 
Our studio strives to be a calm space with uplifting teachers and a down-to-earth vibe.


YAM Power Flow classes are meant to be athletic, and taught so that all levels can experience a great class. Cardio, strength, balance, and mindfulness are all emphasized while building flexibility. Teachers provide easy to follow verbal cues and modifications, so students don’t feel lost, while also providing options to intensify, allowing each student to find their edge. The whole body is cared for as the teachers touch on each muscle group. The studio is warmed to approximately 80 degrees.


YAM Deep Stretch/Gentle classes help restore your body and are excellent for beginners. Whether you are an athlete needing a deep stretch, or just want to open up and oxygenate your muscles and ligaments from daily wear and tear, you will benefit from this gentler class. Additional perks include deep relaxation and calming of the nervous system. The studio is warmed to approximately 80 degrees.


If you prefer to have an introduction to yoga before trying a YAM class, this is a great way to get started. This class will walk you through poses you will see in all of our YAM classes, and allow you to get you more comfortable with trying out yoga for the first time. It’s in more of a workshop format so that you can ask questions, and ensure you feel at ease when you come to a YAM class.


YAM offers two formats of meditation. Guided Meditation + Sound Bath Meditation.
YAM Meditation classes are excellent for all levels, whether you’re new to meditation or deep in a practice. Get comfy and wind down, rediscover your inner peace, and experience mind and body relaxation with 30 minutes of guided meditation with exploration of breath, creative visual imagery, and focused body awareness. Sound Bath Meditation is also a 30 minute meditation practice where the instructor uses singing bowls to ease you into deep relaxation. 


Need more one-on-one or small group class? YAM offers private session for individuals and groups. Our teachers can customize a class based on your needs. These classes can be anything from walking you through the basics to a fun way to celebrate a Bachelorette Party! Please reach out to for more information.