All you need to know to show up and feel at ease.

Seriously, no experience necessary. Every YAM instructor expects to have a beginner in class. There will be modifications and intensifications for all poses. That said, the Slower Flow classes are excellent for beginners since the whole pace is slower. Also, its called a yoga practice – we are all always practicing! If you really want to ease into it and get a handle on the basics, try a private session.

Any type of athletic wear will work – minus the shoes. You will be bending over and moving around, so wear something you feel comfortable in.

Bring your own mat, although a few you can borrow. Most people like to bring a towel too.

We keep the room around 80 degrees. Studio temperatures around the country range from 70 degrees to 105 degrees! Heat is good because it helps support the muscle groups to warm up. That said, hotter rooms (above 85), can be a little much for some folks, and there are many benefits from heating up the body from the inside out, by using movement and nose breathing.

Typically kids have a hard time understanding the vibe of a yoga class until at least 12 years of age. YAM is happy to have your kids attend as long as they understand how to respect the space.

Most common thing we hear – and yoga actually has NOTHING to do with being flexible. Yoga is about taking care of your body, while connecting with your mind. The idea is to identify your “edge” in each pose, once you feel something, yay, you were aware, respectful and mindful – done! That is what it is about, not if your hands touch the floor.

We typically lock the doors 5 minutes after class begins, please come in quietly if you are late. Leaving class early is discouraged.

Speaking quietly before class is not a big deal, but once class starts, it’s all about connecting with your mind & body and eliminating chatter. That said, a giggle here and there or engaging with the teacher is perfectly awesome.


We’re happy to help! Please reach out!