Barb Totzke

Barb - YAM yoga instructor


Exploratory and complimentary mix of yin & yang energies combining powerful accessible movement and peaceful stillness.

Background & Influence

In 2001 a friend introduced me to Studio E – an old boxing gym turned yoga studio with two creative and inspiring master teachers – Bruce Boyd and Chinook Wusdhu. I was hooked from my first ‘E’ class and soon after partnered with Chinook to open Tsada Yoga in 2003. For 12 years, I hosted numerous passionate teachers who all touched my practice and teaching in countless ways.

Influenced by a spectrum running from wild and woolly ecstatic Trance Dance training with Shiva Rea to nurturing and restorative Relax and Renew certification with Judith Lasater, I have enjoyed teaching since 2003. In 2014, I partnered with Douchka Lecot, and now co-lead Yana Shala’s ‘Manifest Your Inner Teacher’ 200-hour RYT program and co-host Yana Shala’s Ibiza Experiential Immersions.