Dani Guerette

Danielle Guerette


A powerful and creative flow that is upbeat and encouraging.

Background & Influence

Dani began her yoga journey in Boston in 2007, where she practiced different styles, with different teachers such as Baptiste yoga, Bikram yoga, and Vinyasa. Dani relocated to Miami in 2012 and served the community by teaching both publicly and privately, establishing yoga events and also leading retreats abroad.

Her strengths as a yoga teacher are in her ability to fully explain each and every pose and its benefits, which allows the student to feel comfortable and develop a deeper knowledge for themselves. Her intention as a teacher has been and always will be to help people, like herself, that are intimidated to try yoga for various reasons, to help them feel welcome and to show them how their body and mind can bend and evolve with time.

Her personal message and mission for every person seeking health is to START WHERE YOU ARE. Start where you are and Dani will meet you in that place that you are in, right now at this moment, physically and mentally and help you take the next step in creating the best version of yourself