Jenny Foster

Jenny Foster


Heated, balanced sequences taught with kindness in an empowering environment.

Background & Influence

Jenny Foster started her yoga practice at the age of 14, biking to and from local studios to get in a consistent practice. She was attracted by the empowering focus of the modern yoga movement and loved heated, power classes as a creative outlet, especially in the tender years of adolescence. After turning 19, she deepened her practice to new lengths through the Karmany 200HR YTT.

Previously, Jenny taught all level, vinyasa classes, at Eastside Karmany Yoga and fundraised for women’s shelters through charity yoga classes. She continues to volunteer on a weekly basis at local women’s shelters, teaching yin yoga to the mothers and dynamic kids yoga classes to their children. As an MD candidate at UT Southwestern, she combines elements of anatomy and scientific understanding of the body to her yoga classes while teaching heated, balanced sequences.

Jenny thoroughly believes that yoga is for everybody and wants her students to feel welcomed and empowered in her classes, regardless of where they are at in their current yoga practice.