Miachel Cruz Yoga


Exploring the balance between gentleness and strength with increased awareness of alignment and intentional breath in poses to revitalize and awaken your authentic self.

Background & Influence

Find balance with the breath. Aim true and be you.

Michael discovered yoga during a stagnant period in his life where judgment and competition dominated while individuality and authenticity were placed on the sideline. Yoga served as a refreshing change in his perspective to let go of the past and move on to new adventures. 

As a physical therapist and yoga teacher, Michael finds inspiration in the integration of the power of the breath with mindful movement to channel the fire that dwells within. He strongly believes every single person’s life story matters no matter what trauma and pain you have experienced in the past, and that by listening to and sharing these stories with one another, we allow each other to grow, and cultivate community through diversity.

Michael completed his 200-hour toga teacher training at the yoga movement in Dallas, TX in October 2017.

Live your truth fully and fearlessly, and share your light off the mat and into the world around you.