Tanya Hardison

Tanya Hardison


Fun and safe. We work on what YOU need.

Background & Influence

My physical yoga practice began over 20 years ago so I could get more flexible. Stretching is good, right? But the fullness of the practice eluded me until I moved to California in 2003. I found “power yoga” and the other limbs of yoga, and I was blown away by the endless depth to the yoga practice and path.

Eventually making my way back to Texas, in 2011, stressed out from living the corporate dream and chasing illusions, I developed a more committed relationship with yoga and took my 200 hour teacher training at American Power Yoga, followed by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM.  My strength, healing, awareness, flexibility and happiness have grown exponentially since truly dedicating myself to my own yogic path.  So much so, that it brings me no greater joy than to share my experiences through teaching. 

I bring to my classes not only my life experiences (some dark, some silly, all mostly hilarious), but an open mind and a deep love and concern for my students. Practicing and teaching vinyasa flow –sometimes stretchy, sometimes strong- to beginners, advanced practitioners, and anyone in between no matter their place along the path, I offer options to safely challenge and grow from your present place.  I want you to discover and create YOUR path in yoga during each class, whatever the reason that brought you for the 1st time or the 10,000th.